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Designed and developed for VR, ‘Boxed In’ can also be played using a controller or keyboard & mouse (on Steam). You must clear the room of coloured cubes by creating matches. The cubes can come from in-front, above, or below. Just make sure you don’t get…Boxed In!

About the Game

You find yourself in a room with no exits. Colourful cubes move towards you from the far wall, the ceiling, or from beneath your feet. To avoid being squashed you must create matches of the same colour. When a match is made, the cubes will explode and destroy any others of the same colour touching them. They keep coming, faster and faster. How long will you survive?

If you prefer a more relaxed experience then you can play in Solitaire mode. The room starts full of static cubes and you can take your time to clear them. Even the music is more relaxed in this mode!

Difficulty is determined by three options: number of colours, match-type, and where the blocks come from. Once you’ve mastered three colours you can increase to four or five. If making matches of 3-in-a-row is too easy, then switch to a block-of-four. If you prefer to be squashed from above or below then change the direction the blocks come from. In total there are 36 variations of play.

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You have the ability to: change the colour of a cube, add a new cube, or push a cube when it’s close to you. You can run the tutorial to get familiar with each control type.

The goal is to get the highest score you can before you are either crushed by the cubes (in Survival) or you clear the room (in Solitaire). If you remove cubes quickly then you earn a multiplier allowing you to increase your score rapidly. Each of the 36 game modes has a leaderboard dedicated to it. Get your name up there and challenge your friends!

The only question that remains is: what’s outside the room?


“It’s a polished spin on a classic genre.”

“Simple, intuitive and thoroughly addictive.”

Peter Graham, VR Focus

“It is a challenging game which is great to play, especially with family or friends.”

Marat Arguinbaev, The VR Soldier

“An addictive VR puzzler that’s simple to understand and well executed.”

Paul Younger, PC Invasion

“People who get easily addicted to those match-up games will probably love this one.”

Arline Groenewald, VR The Gamers

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