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Stampy decides to try his hand at composing but we’re not sure he’s doing it right. Instead of writing music on paper, he is using his magic wand and some of the local sheep. As he creates new tunes, you must help the sheep to remember how it goes.


  • Click START to begin
  • Remember which sheep Stampy points his wand at
  • Tap that sheep
  • If you get it right then Stampy will add another sheep to the “tune”
  • Remember which sheep he pointed at and repeat the sequence
  • If you make a mistake then it’s Game Over
  • How high can you try? (*)

Notes to parents

  • The game is completely safe for children of all ages to play.
  • There are no links to other pages.
  • The game can be played with or without sound.

Visit the Stampy page here.

(*) That’s a little Donkey Kong reference for you.

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You can also download the game as a free app for your iOS and Android devices. Follow these links to download it:

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