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Slide!! is a puzzle game. You have to slide each block (or “Slider”) on to the appropriate goal square. However, once you start a Slider moving, it will not stop unless it hits something (either a wall or another Slider).

The game comprises 10 Tutorial levels that teach you how to play, then there are 25 Easy, 25 Medium, 25 Hard and 15 Bonus levels. In order to unlock levels you must earn stars. One star is earched for solving the puzzle, a second star for beating a certain time limit, and a third star for doing so in the target number of moves (or fewer). Even if you earn three stars on all levels, you can re-play to try and beat your personal best.

Slide!! (for PC, Mac OS and Linux) now includes a built-in level editor and full integration with Steam Workshop. This allows you to create and upload new levels and download other people’s creations.

There is also a “Turbo Mode” which makes time go twice as fast. Perfect if you’re in a hurry!

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